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We are not talking about the jacket and not even a hoodie but something more closer to both A Blazer that is not casual but not only formal too.

What to Look for in a Blazer:

Vents: The vent are seen in blazer one and some time two to enhance your freedom and blazers without vent are not common and restrict your freedom

Breasted :We offer single as well as double breasted blazer but keep in mind that double breasted is not the one in which you can feel fairly formal.

Buttons: There would be a person in this world who denies the style isn’t kept with the stylish links or buttons. Double buttons blazers have a classic look that will always in style. When you look ahead being more fashion forward then you keeps a look to triple button blazers and it should be matched to the blazer color out contrast to it but should not look odd.

Material/ Fabric:

Camel: the fabric of camel hair blazers are a classic, and they work well for cooler weather. Perfect for lunch at the country club, a camel hair blazer can be worn over a polo shirt or a button-down shirt. The light brown color works well with dark brown or navy pants.

Grey: The wool that look as grey is the fabric that is used for this particular blazer. That gives you extra modern look than other that you can wear it attending some parties.

Velvet: velvet blazers are one of the few times men can indulge in fashion. Try wearing one with corduroy pants to a holiday party.

Linen: do you know Linen is the perfect weight of fabric for hot weather, so if you need to wear a jacket when the temperatures are rising, a linen blazer would be perfect for you.

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