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HEY LOOK THAT MAN IS LOOKING GREAT IN BOMBER JACKET!!!!!!!!It was a style statement accepted all over the world and by almost all generations. But unfortunately, the cost of these bomber jackets was something of a deterrent. And not everyone could afford a fully leather covered jacket soft as butter with squashy fleece linings.

The bomber jackets were originally used by Air Force pilots who wore the soft leather jackets to protect themselves, against the low temperature in the high altitudes. Originally, the bomber jackets were called as flight jackets and they were commonly used to protect the pilots and were standard issue with the British and American Air Force. Each of the bomber jackets became synonymous with the flight jockeys due to tweaks in the design. As planes started to get faster and faster and moving to higher and higher altitudes, the cockpits became much colder.

Fashion and bomber jackets

Fashion was influenced hugely by these widely popular jackets and many people started to include these in their wardrobe. Bomber jackets in several colors became a hot trend. Now, you can get it from anywhere which are really valuable.

Particular field:

Bomber jackets are those special suits that are mostly used by the people in the aviation field. They are of great use to these people as they provide the ultimate protection while they are at work. It was after the World War II, the use of the Bomber jackets became more and more popular. Until that, the use of nylon was restricted only to parachute making and so there was a demand for it to make these bomber jackets. People used special high quality cotton to make these bomber jackets initially and then later found that they were devoid of a perfect material that was special and strong.

Particular material:

Therefore the right material was in need to make it extra strong, tough and durable to use in more tough terrains. Then they discovered that nylon was the apt material to manufacture these bomber jackets. Bomber jackets nowadays are produced from various high quality materials due to the advancement in the technology. Earlier, skin of animals was used to get these jackets. Skin of sheep, cow, crocodile, deer, ox and buffalo were used. Different types of skins were used to get different type of leather jackets to suit the respective purpose. There are many types of bomber jackets like those for men, women, for kids, for general civilian use, aviation use, army, flight crew use, navy use and so on. As a result different technologies, in addition to combination of materials were implemented to get the right bomber jacket. The need of the bomber jackets were always high due to the quality and the result that it gives. Most of the pilots who are in the aviation field need to travel in some of the extreme cold and killing temperatures.

Particular temperature:

Normally when at plains, the temperatures might seem to be normal, whereas at higher altitudes they are really low. At times, ordinary suits will not go well with the atmosphere, so these bomber jackets aid them to cope up with that extreme temperate, keeping their body at the right warmth. As it is water resistant, it does not allow water to stay in the jacket and avoids freezing. Almost all safety features are embedded in these bomber jackets and in addition to that it is designed in a fashionable way. After a particular time these jackets were also meant for civilian use and hence various designer and fashionable jackets were manufactured. Almost all types of jacket for various purposes are available in the market.

Bomber Jacket Sizes





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25.50 26.00 26.50

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