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A jacket has more meanings when you talk about wearing it for more specified occasion. Here one more thing exists when you wear it in not any particular occasion and still you want to look marvelous in it. Yes we are talking about the casual wear jacket or the casual jackets. Style we look in is not only depicts what you have but also what you feel at this moment your mind state is being expressed through it. The casual jacket not only expresses your style but also give you a way to look distinctive among all.


One more purpose of the wardrobe collections is to wear the dresses to different occasions as per one’s taste, which is what the men and ladies casual jackets are perfectly able to satisfy. The wearing dresses to different occasions are to have that independence for people. In terms of dressing, if people are able to wear their attitude and personality, it is the obvious choice for being worn outside.

Not only is the factor of comfort possible to the best extent, but one can also get a different look from the crowd. For the ladies also, there are many such prospects which they tend to discover when they are wearing the ladies casual jackets. The jacket is made in different fabric materials such as the leather, cotton knit, woolen and such. There are nowadays many online stores and wholesale shops which are giving out these casual jackets in large numbers and in a variety of colors and designs.


The designs can be varied because the fabrics can be used in different ways to bring out a common design, with leather additions in part. Shoulder straps, elbow cuttings, etc are part additions in the casual jackets. For the winters which are milder in temperatures, people can use these jackets for daily purposes.



As the mens casual jackets are possible to be used in the office wear categories also, these are nowadays being promoted as office wears. Men like wearing these kinds of dresses as they find them comfortable and also easier to maintain. This is something that has become the norm in present day scenario.


Encouraged by such choices of the masses, the designers are coming up with products that are acceptable to one and all, which is the theme behind the making of the ladies casual jackets. Furthermore, the new fashion trend dictates that the variations are brought into the picture for the female dresses as they like the changes in their wardrobes.


It is common with them to keep a number of items so that they can go about and choose from all these to wear to different occasions. With the lower costs of the men’s casual jackets, and even for those which have a designer touch to them, people are nowadays making it a point to keep such garments in their collections and feeling a sense of independence as far as clothing is concerned.


  • Men’s jacket
  • 65:35 polyester-cotton canvas
  • 270gsm
  • Four front pockets
  • Reinforced shoulders, elbows
  • Ribbed cuffs
  • Oxford patch

Why is the average size of men’s casual jackets? At some point man’s body cheating; cheating here means not fixed. His body tends to be bigger or smaller. So please be aware about his average size, add or reduce one size later.

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UK Inches 34 36 38 40 42 44 46
EURO cm 86 91 96 101 106 111 116
US Inches 34 36 38 40 42 44 46
To fit Chest 46

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