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Chef-Who is he?

Before moving to chef’s jacket let me throw some light n a personality who is quick and agile and supposed to do heavenly blessed work that is to fulfill the appetite of customers and serve the best quality food. In among all the fact and important features of this personality something is there that distinct it in all other professions “the chef’s Jacket’. For a chef it is a uniform that with it not only he can be recognized but also let him feel that he is on his duty. Chef loves wearing it.

Uses of chef’s jackets

In western world the double breasted jackets are commonly used in the western world. They fulfill many purposes and manufactured of pure cotton fabric. Sometime double layer of cotton. This jacket is high functionally as it protects the chefs from heat of the kitchen and flames of the stove. As white color indicates the cleanliness but the number of women increasing in this filed prefers to wear black and pink jackets.

White and clean?

The chef jacket in spite of being white can be stain reserved as sometimes the customer wants to meet chef in person and here the chef reserve the stain from his jacket instantly due to its quick absorbing material it can also be cleaned soonest as it absorb the washing powder of stain eraser too. It is made of some strong material as due to daily wash even its quality never breaks down.


CHEST SIZE 36-38 40-42 44-46 48-50 52-54 56-58 60-62 64-66 68-70
RG – REGULAR 33.5″ SLEEVE LENGTH (Height 5’7″-5’10”)
LN – LONG 35″ SLEEVE LENGTH (Height 5’11”-6’3″)

We claim that our chef jackets are all about the comfort convenience durability and style. Respective of all other features in it French cuffs under arm vents thermometer pockets and optional features as hand rolled buttons and color piping these chef jackets truly stand up to the heat of the kitchen and image of the restaurant.

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