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The donkey jacket gets originated from United Kingdom where it is known as a short buttoned coat with typically made unlined black and dark blue woolen material. Something that makes it clearly different is the leather shoulders and back that any one can judge it on first glimpse that the person is wearing the donkey jacket. Some jackets are designed with plastic panel in spite of leather on shoulders coloring black and grey. Mostly its usage is made amongst the workers carrying out the name of company for which worker works and companies in which a condition of uniform is applicable use such jackets for the workers that contain two hips and one inside poacher’s pocket. It takes up a cultural significance in United Kingdom where the politician and people enjoying any remembrance day wear these jackets to show harmony.


Not only in United Kingdom but mostly every wear this jacket is known as traditional and rare one. The two hand warmer jackets are the best feature of this jacket. It also has a cuff holding button that helps at time of work. It is fully lined and also has a quality style button of classic leather covered football buttons. The external looks seem as lapped and double stitched. Made of pure wools make you feel warm in harsh winter.

General Measurements:

  • Chest: 21
  • Sleeve: 23 3/8
  • Shoulder: 18 1/2
  • Length: 27 1/2


This particular jacket not only holds a history but also keeps a special place in your wardrobes that can be wearing in many occasions. From the Men at work to the casual and formal wearing this jacket plays a role as a complete package to you. If you remember the hunter of the times and also the cow boys jackets the difference is not so much but a nominal one as those jackets are purely from leather and our donkey jackets from wool and part of leather. Other wise the difference is all about fabric not the design and style. So this encourages you to wear it any wear you like and desire to wear that adds to your own personality so well that the leather lined jacket is rare to watch this time.

Size S (Small)

Chest: 59cm / 23″

Length: 81cm / 32″

Under-Arm: (from cuff to armpit) 46cm / 18.5″

Arm: (from cuff to neck) 77cm / 30″

Size M (Medium)

Chest: 61cm / 24″

Length: 84cm / 33″

Under-Arm: (from cuff to armpit) 49cm / 19″

Arm: (from cuff to neck) 77cm / 30″

Size L (Large)

Chest: 64cm / 25″

Length: 86cm / 34″

Under-Arm: (from cuff to armpit) 49cm / 19″

Arm: (from cuff to neck) 81cm / 32″

Size XL (X-Large)

Chest: 66cm / 26″

Length: 86cm / 34″ (

Under-Arm: (from cuff to armpit) 49cm / 19″

Arm: (from cuff to neck) 83cm / 33″

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