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The big jump by Doublet in Race of fashion was made in 14th century and takes an essential part in fashion history. You can not only rank it as its best looks but the whole history has been closed with its front buttons. The inutility about this jacket was to wear it about 300 years ago and time to time many changes occurred due to it. When you make a clothes or a dress according to a purpose and for something very special it keeps its occasion and purposed oriented feature always but this is the jacket irrespective of its attachment to history and specific culture still is liked and worn among many people. Not only the cultural celebration but at many occasions such a brilliant jacket get preference.

The jacket keeps its values as by time it turned to uniform of pipers and then the bands and in future we are looking forward to its next merge in the fashion with style too. This show a whole period of history putting light on the evaluation of the fashion and it seems a whole time span is covered in it.

It tells you

  • discover more about history
  • learn about fashion from different periods
  • develop a keener eye for analyzing artworks
  • gain inspiration re-enactment garbs
  • create more historically accurate and authentic garbs

Doublet?  What is it?

These were worn in Western Europe from middle ages that is about in 17th century and looks as a tight fitted buttoned jacket on a shirt that shapes to the body and extended to waist. IT is so as that time mostly tight fitting was worn by the men in such trend was common among all and in that time this jacket was also kept tight fitted. It was made a generally shaped to man’s body and also gave a popular man look. Then such a person wearing this was seem to be an ideal one as all the features that a man was desired to see in his body due to board looks this jacket gave him so. And this is not only history but this time too it enhances your looks to the ideal guys. Although this jacket makes a quiet sense of history but was broadly used as desirable notion of body beauty when stomacher and pigeon breast was added feature in it.

The main material and fabric used for making of doublet was linen wool or woven silk with black satin facing.


  • 100% pure 15oz barathea  wool doublet jacket
  • Beautifully made jacket with Celtic emblem polished buttons
  • Silk braided epaulettes
  • Decorated cuffs
  • Thistle Jacquard lining
  •  (shoulder end to cuff)
  • 3. Cloth Colour
  • 4. Braid Colour
  • Nickle Or Gold Buttons Have Thistle Emblem on them
  • Bottons will be as per the Braid colour, Fully lined with matching colour satin
  • Jacket Size: 38″, 40″, 42″, 44″, 46″, 48″, 50″, 52″, 54″ & 56″




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