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When there is question about the jacket and the light weight the answer is all about down jacket. It is lightest water proof cushioned and protective jacket. These are the words that any one can say about it after its usage. It is made of insulation material and used as functional clothes.

Are you interested to know what gives you fashion and comfort in one package that is the down jacket? It is created for men and women both of all ages for giving you are deserving looks.

Not only it usage is comfortable but the down jacket has put its feet in fashion world and it came through all the challenges that a fashion jacket is to face and win. Thus the question for the being comfortable and being the trendy jackets so we can say that not only in looks but it perform all those action that a best jacket should do. The major ingredient that put in for fashion lovers that it is so flexible with the top and bottoms you wear.

The history says an American company wanted to design such jackets for their workers that can work in rain, cold weather and also to give the worker jacket its Logo. This concept then turns into the world of down jacket. Thus not only for workers but different design companies went on to drag many designs on this jacket that made it so trendy.

The usage of such a marvelous jacket is so known to us formal informal all where is so adjustable that you can wear it any where and almost anywhere. Whatever the T-Shirt you are wearing what ever the shirt in which you are dressed up the basic is the best jacket for all occasions. It is made of different combination of fabrics as color is of cotton and leather is mixed with polyester but a genuinely remarkable thing.

A jacket is a jacket but not every jacket is down jacket. It versatile as now you are not allowed to sit in home in rain just go to see the river and also for some hot dog as when down jacket is with you.

You know it is with removable sleeves? Now it surely have brought some shine in your eyes and yes it is with removable sleeves that again is a style statement and yet gives you warmth feeling. The wearer wants not to be packed in a jacket as to be packed in quilt. Then why to wear a a jacket but not to be folded in blanket so we give every of possibility that you will love this jackets in its features material usage it seems perfect


The hood is eliminating the need of wearing a cap in winter as you re just to purchase a down jacket and all is done then. It gives you a quality hood that is fully water proof. It gives you extra cover that keeps you warm in cold wind even if you are climbing a mountain.


  • A Front two way zip and small pocket zippers
  • Pockets external and internal pockets, hand warmer pockets.
  • Buttoned cuffs




 Sizes – Men
(a) Chest (inches) 34 36 38-40 42-44 46-48
International XS S M L XL


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