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A duster do not go with a general meaning as we are going to introduce such a nice wear to you that will definitely change your current look. Giving you an idea the gray coat black scarf around neck and black pants. Tremendously a decent look you can see. But if we say you are aware of it watching the spies in movies and cow boy looks in pure leather outfit. Yes you guess right it is the same that you call a long coat and terms as duster coat. A duster cat is light in weight and simply loose to your body but this was just  an old concept the coat we wear now is full of fashion demand so we say it is tight fitted coat.


The history tells about the horse men who used to wear long length coats that were worn to protect them from dust such the name is said as duster coats. There was a time such coat was the official uniform of the rangers in Texas. For riding the horse it was slit up from the back so easiness was generated to ride the horse. It also gives you the rain protection as coats are consists of oilcloth and waxed cotton.

 Name and fame:

Later on the time passed such were seen in films and this coat got its real glorify introduction when bond started wearing it and also the cow boy dress up was generally related to it. In fashion city it was introduced and then got fame when was usually worn in Paris and France.


The early duster were simply belong to a cloth material leather and got too much fame in this fabric but by passing of time the fabric was turned to leather, satin, jeans, waxed cotton and polyester mixture. The best quality about it is that it provides you the best protection against the dust rain and was popular among bikers and cow boys. It now comes up in variety of colors and fabrics of course. Some has removable caps and hood with zippers. A leather duster has total 5 pockets two hand warmers 2 top pockets each side and on hidden. The leather duster is made of real full grain leather such we can say about its quality is the best ever.



But here a question arise if we are only to ride the bike and horse, look this mighty coat breaks the back bone of this question too by saying no you can wear it any where and every where. You can enjoy any weather that you go through by having this coat as you are not bound to wear it in field only.



It shows a decent look in parties and a gentle wear dusting office. According to the need many other features has been added to it as removable sleeves front buttons neck free style extra cloth. And many more according to your needs you look it at best. You will surely want to know the important feature that is warmth coat and yes it makes to warm during cold threats and covers your body up to theknees so it can be called 100 % best.

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