Eisenhower Jackets

Dwight D. Eisenhower was died in 1969 and the uniform he wore in World War II became famous among all. He was a five star U.S General and well known in the history of US army and this was the reason the jacket he used during his service. He wore a special jacket that was not usual those days. He found the loose fitted and not reasonable combat jacket with him then wished to wear something really best.

Then he introduced IKE that is similar to British battle dress jacket. Practical roomy in the shoulder with concealed buttons the jacket could be worn alone or layered.

This was the first time in fifty years that a man’s jacket has inside breast pockets as well as outside pockets. After its creation was named IKE jacket. Its design was too long in start that was not comfortable enough and then with time shortened its length and was made more flexible for war purposes .it was really the first version that any jacket has such waist and pockets.

The soldiers took a lot of pride in their uniform and tailors were in work to put right labels on the uniforms. Its interior lining was also consist of such logos

Some of the features are as follow


  • Sixty five% Polyester, 35% Cotton
  • Slash entrance pockets
  • Adjustable tabs at waistband
  • Pencil pocket on still left sleeve
  • Unlined version of ike jacket
  • Side pockets
  • Lightweight

Lets talk about the material as we relate this particular jacket with the history and we know that people used to use leather the most and the jackets with its front lining was made by it. By passing of time the jacket material due to its cost and usage went changed and the mixture of polyester took its place. Now it is manufactured in many fabrics including jeans and denim.


This is common among the military and a few people are those who wear it in routine days. In US military such jacket is still very common and used as privilege too. And also fro the hobby such patterns are collected.



Approx chest (ins) 32 – 34 36 – 38 40 – 42 44 – 46 48 – 50 52 – 54 56 – 58 60 – 62

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