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Flake jacket is not as you first think and your mind sticks on flak sunglasses you will surely think it is an other brand but wait let us end this confusion and let you know that other than this brand we have a very popular item with us the flak jacket is like a bullet proof jacket or the safety jacket the soldier use to wear in time on duty and having some crucial dealing to mess up with. But let me stop again and if you think it is the typical bullet proof jacket so no it is not like this it is just like a vest that soldier wear and we name it as Flak jacket.


The idea of such you can infer from the old time when the amours were used and steel protection veil was held in hand to safe the chest from the attacks of sword. Such used to provide the protection on hand movement more you can use your flexible hand more it will the safer to that extent. Then we moved to aluminum sheet used to play the role of safety from wounds and of course the safety of heart. These were the modern time and not had gone too many years when the aluminum was introduced as iron and steel were very happy to keep on with it and soldiers often feel it irritating to pick up heavy steel sheet with them that resist in moving and hand movements. Next we jumped than to fiber and glass sheets although it was still the hand movement that was the big issue but if we see it was the time where too heavy iron and steel sheet /plates were completely avoided and it was a comfort zone for the soldiers to use it. Thus the need to avoid all and wear such a item that will accommodate in order to stop the hand movement where hand can be used in makingĀ  some other actions and also the lighter weight of nylon garment and also the advantage to cover not only the front but the back of the wearer makes it an extraordinary equipment.


Among all the advantages if we say the demerits are visible to us than it will not be wrong yes we know it is secured but the point arise it is only useful in minor of the operations but a failure in time of wars. It can only stop the effects of bullets and shelling but if we look upon the era of modern weapons and the versatility of all weapons we are afraid that the nylon jacket can do what?


If we look upon the materials then the major part of safety is the steel plate sewn in to the waist coat and cover with nylon material. The first flake jacket weighed 22 pounds. Though the steel plates were changed in to other material in USA Vietnam wars.















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