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Manteaus jacket the name that is not much familiar to you but you have seen many ladies wearing such. Yes this is common in ladies with the specific region that is Iran and specified for the women in other countries and wans to observe Hijab.


The looks are like the long coats and can be like the old style men coat but difference is made in a way that it is for women and carrying an important purpose. If you go with its name and want to look for the history the coat is as old as the Iranian Islamic revolution is. Before it the women were as resembled to the western woman and the culture they had was similar then after Islamic revolution there raised the problem for the women to wear. Then the traditional Hijab called abaya was there and many manufacturers went for its manufacturing now many brands introduce there own designs in making abayas. This coat is famous among the women in winter as it is made up of wool and classic cotton mixtures moreover the latest coats are made up of denim and polyester cotton mixtures to use in summer. In such a way these cats have been made useful and a complete dress in all the seasons.


You can see it in all over the world mostly where the winter is terrible to you. If we expand our limitation and judge it by commodity then not only Iranian but every girl like it a lot as it gives a stylish looks to your personality. You may find it resembling to many coats in the market but the fabric pure wool is the distinction in it as many other coats is not like this and mostly if we talk about the manteau it is worn by Muslims more as oriented in Tehran.



In visit during Tehran each café, street of Tehran it is the common trend among girls and women. This brand has been introduced to fashion world even people in fashion world adore this coat a lot. It is hooded too so add to the facility of covered head too. One more approach is used that if you buy this mighty coat you do not need to go to shop for more dresses and outfits in season. So imagine your self in the winter with this marvelous coat and the a cup of coffee in your favorite café with your friend that may give you a perfect feeling to purchase it today and make it the praise of your wardrobe.



This perfect coat adds some features like

  • Wool  over coat with 3 buttons fastening
  • Padded shoulders.
  • Tailored collar.
  • 1 breast pocket + 2 slanting welted pockets.
  • Fancy buttons on cuffs.
  • Covered back



Height (without shoes)

Height Range


5’4 ¼” – 5’7 ¼”


5’7 ½” – 5’10 ½”


5’10 ¾” – 6’1 ¾”

Extra Long

6’2″ – 6’5 ¼”






Sleeve Length



29″ – 30″



31″ – 32″



33″ – 34″



35″ – 36″

18 ½”


37″ – 38″

19 ½”




Sleve Length




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