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There is no doubt that with your motorcycle jacket style is essential. But while you need to look good and be comfortable about the bike, the primary intent behind your motorcycle jacket is protection. Your motorcycle attire is definitely another layer of skin offering you a cushion should you ever lay your bike down.


A crash is only one type of protection that your attire provides. In a vehicle you are encapsulated by windows along with a roof, on a motorcycle, you’re in direct contact with high winds and flying debris. Regardless of whether your bike carries a windscreen, you can still have the wind and be hit by bugs and other unexpected flying objects.

In addition to the added protection, you will get the right jacket to offer optimal comfort for riding in any kind of weather. Motorcycle jackets are built to let you add or remove layers depending on the temperature. In fact, some motorcycle jackets come equipped with heating elements because the temperature really drops. They likewise have specialized lining for additional padding that can be removed when it gets too hot.

Clothe selection:

For the motorcycle jacket you’ll be able to choose between a fabric as well as a leather jacket. Textile jackets work with a soft cloth or mesh fabric that is certainly light weight and can accommodate padded inserts or a hoodie. Leather jackets have features that are similar to the fabric jackets. These jackets are vented to prevent you from becoming overheated while riding in warm weather. Still, temperatures can transform rapidly and during a long ride and you can shut down the vents if you want. The original materials used for motorcycle clothing is leather, but thick nylon and synthetic materials are also used which serve the purpose.  If jeans are the popular choice then it is best to buy Kevlar, which is lighter than other materials but has the highest strength to protect from cuts, abrasions and heat.

Leather is the most popular choice for motorcycle jackets and one that is extra thick and not the fashionable one.

Carriage and storage:

Because storage space is bound on a motorcycle you never always have the luxury of carrying goods that you might need on a long trip. Because of this, leather jackets have multiple zippered pockets to handle various motorcycle accessories and items like your wallet, eyeglasses, and cell phone.


In contrast, leather motorcycle jackets are more costly than textile. However, with safety being a major factor, they may be more durable. With proper care and weather proofing, your leather jacket is a lot more resilient to extreme conditions and frequent use.

Other Clothing:

They include jacket, boots, gloves and pants which form the motorcycle clothing.  For some people these are worn as a fashionable wear while for most it is to safeguard the body on the rides.  The clothing and accessories are tested to check against tears and scratches and impacts in accidents while creating them.

Pants and boots:

Most of the motorcycle injuries take place below the belt, which is not commonly known.  So it is very important to wear pant and boots made of the right materials to guard against injuries.  While buying boots, one should go for those made of extra thick level instead of the regular ones.  High boots are better than the low ones in giving more protection.  Extra support and plastic caps are fitted on the ankle and toe areas of the boot too.


The stitching on the jacket should be uniform without dropped stitches.  The elbows and shoulders of the jacket should have extra padding with some impact protection added to it.  It is also provides protection against strong winds, rain and snow.

Motorbike Gloves:

To protect the rider’s wrists and help keep the hand warm in a cold climate, gloves are a necessary part of the gear for motorcycle riders.  They are made of leather with extra padding on the palm area for protection.  For those always on tours some extra features are also available which include insulating materials and waterproof fabric.  Additional protection with titanium or carbon panel for knuckles and joint of the fingers are provided for those in the motorcycle racing competitions.

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