Nehru Jackets Manufacturer

It was the time of 1964 when the closest of Gandhi the first prime minister of India Mr. Jawar lal Nehru became so prominent in filed of politics when being aside of Gandhi he took part in the many important movements for politics.byt at the same time the clothes with this leader were of much prominence as after him it become so popular among other politics and a jacket brand named as Nehru jacket which is still in great fashion in India. Not only the men politicians but politician like Kiran Bedi also wear such being a female.  This very jacket presents a style statement among the politics world and counted as one of famous jacket among many popular jackets. Soon this design was taken up by manufacturing industries and it was the time the Nehru jacket was top in its manufacturing, if we still check out the figure and view the top number of Nehru jackets is worn in India being politician and workers they all use it as symbol of dignity. The followers of Nehru are following this jacket crazily and in india you can find it many people’s wardrobe.

It is a closed neck coat as achkan in Pakistan and dressed as nobility in India. This is available in many colors like grey black green khaki and in different fabrics as it is wrn by many politicians in india and party workers too. The main fabric is wool and polyester blend and also available in cotton for summer.

This jacket is equally famous in women also as the followers of Nehru surely have this jacjet in there wardrobe and on the birthday and death anniversary it is worn in order rto show the love and respect to leader Nehru.

It has always been trend that the something from the great leaders has been dropped in by the history to make them remember always and many things has been turned into fashion in order to keep it alive for a long time. The Nehru jacket is the symbol of such remarkable leaders of history.

Many big companies showed their interest in introducing this brand on large scales as if we see the followers of Nehru are taking it up to the height of extremes and crazily love it. this showed the sales should b more and more in that era.

The important features are

  • Straight
  • Boxy looks
  • Front pocket at left
  • Currently available only in ADULT size.
  • Roomy fit, excellent for layering with other SCW garments.
  • Cotton Lycra.
  • Thick french terry. Charcoal grey jean look.
  • 30% stretch against the grain.
  •  Mandarin collar.
  •  Set-in sleeves and wide waistband.

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