Pepulm Jackets Manufacturer


When you talk about girls fashion you will have to talk more and more but the will not come to an end that what exactly the fashion world is. Similarly the fashion statement is given in women peplum jackets. It can be judged by its name that its Greek orientation and the time is known to all in history when the films were made on Greek titles and such were called peplum films. This particular jacket is known to all due to its usage and comfort. If you see a girl walking on ramp wearing such jacket don’t get stared as the jacket is equally but even more eagerly followed by the showbiz world.


A peplum jacket is a jacket with a short overskirt and looks like a longer length skirt. It looks like shorter in front but longer at back and both side the waist. It is a gracefully lined jacket. And sometime the statement belt is worn with it. The jacket can also defined as extended fabric jackets from sides and it is normally recognized among all by this feature.


The material uses is the satin, rayon and inside it is covered by silk and available in many colors but liked in gray and black more. This is the incredible piece of jacket and worn almost everywhere has been a trend in all over the world. In office meetings parties’ formal informal dressing modeling ads the glamour world.


Usage and era:

The two major’s designs are followed as pattern for peplum jacket one is upside on from hips and other is from the waist sides. Both are very popular one .one goes up with furred and other with the tight fitted. From 1950 this jacket has been in common.







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