Satin Jacket Manufacturer

You would be known about its name but not the jacket and its usage; we surely claim that the jacket you have seen with some disco style dancers celebrities and the rock bands but not in common. The mighty jacket as always been a symbol of distinction for a particular class and that is the bands and musicians. The name given to it was due to its usage and the fabric that was distinct to any other. It is silk nylon and polyester mixture that give it the shinny texture and correspondent as satin. But it is not sharp satin else than soft it is named as sateen. This satin has the floating feature in it and jacket get extra shine and looks prominent among all. This jacket has always been very liked in past few decades where it takes prominence in 19th century.


This jacket includes no hood two side pockets for hands and one chest zipper at right. Also contained collar and sleeves extension with the wool and nylon mixture and gives a jersey looks from both ends. The color combination has a vast coverage as can be covered by almost all sort of colors and desirable design and also manufactured according to the specifications.

This particular set of fabric is also used in making bed sheets as it is closer to silk the value of this in beginning was high to sky but then the china industry of making fabric interfere and played a revolutionary role in reducing the price of this fabric by making the duplicate satin fabric this was cheap but comfy on the features as the real and pure satin was having. This was known as artificial satin.


A satin fabric tends to have a high luster due to the high number of floats on the fabric. Because of this it is used in making bed sheets. Floats are missed interlacing, where the warp yarn lies on top of the weft many variations can be made of the basic satin weave including granite weave and a check weave. Satin weaves, twill weaves, and plain weaves are the three basic types of weaving by which the majority of woven products are formed.


The usage of such jacket is limited as per some specifications as you can wear it at the parties and some informal functions and occasions. The daily dress up but not the official one as to some extent it depicts the funky and freaky mood. So the usage of it in modeling and fashion industry music industry and films is most.






  • Satin shell
  • Raglan or Set-in sleeve pattern
  • Stretch nylon knit trim in choice of colors
  • Stand up or lay down collar
  • Many lining choices!
  • Snap front closure or zipper closure
  • 2 front pockets


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