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An evening prevail the darkness of night and you are just about to have something relaxing like your favorite food juice or what ever you want and if you are pipe lover you would definitely go for it too. Every time a particular dress is there then how can be there none available for your favorite time the night. Here the history leads us to the beauty in cloths when it introduces us the smoking jacket. Basically it was introduced in 17th century and when the European part of the world was get introduced by silk, tobacco, pipes and spices. At that time silk was the fabric with dignity and was the symbol of being rich. Similar to it tobacco pipes was used to show the standard and status. In parties the special arrangement for smoking was made and then the smoking jacket was named and become so famous in decades. The initial designs were the gown styles but then were generated in different stuff and colors along with classic designs range.

Defined features:

  • Velvet
  • cashmere
  • plush
  • printed flannel
  • lined with bright colors
  • ornamented with Brandenburg
  •  large buttons
  • Shawl collar
  • turn-up cuffs
  • Tie belt.

This particular jacket was become famous after 1850’s and the usual wearing was made after dinner later was named with comfort and smoking. This when turned into comfortable jacket category then become useful in all around the world people used it as night dress and night gowns. Silk is always a lovely fabric but also made in velvet. Here we say that this is also the status depicting jacket as all the fabric used for this were admired as expensive fabrics.


This thigh length jacket with black plush lining and eye catching bright colors where extended part is covered with velvet is the luxuries jacket which you can not use it in formal meeting and as casual wears. It become less popular after 1890’s when the craze to have such jacket lessened to many extent. But still some riches use it as antiques and for hobby. Available in different colors schemes and also in designs according to your personality.





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