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In the world of great jackets there is a lot more space to innovate the latest design and color featured jackets but many are those which are doubtful to be called as jacket. But so the fact is its called jacket that used to restrain some person or to be us in mental asylum to catch up of tie to man to get refrain or escaped. It carries long sleeves and typical belts and type kind of magic to close up. It was invented in 1970 in France for a mental hospital.These are crossed around the chest so that a little movement is only possible but does not mean that movement can be made. The spelling is mostly same in Scotland and none other than it as there is other meaning about its phonetic word straight. It is similar to the scot waist coat but the objectives are mainly different.

The best use of it is made in escapology and with doctors and working staff of metal asylums. The Victorian era if medicine depicts the negative aspect of this jacket an normally the first look take us to the point that is used to torture and to grip and bind. Useful for the mental illness patients if kept in come to help to del at time of attack.

There was also an age the history depicts to us that the fashion statement was taken up for this jacket when in films there was usage of such jacket. But this was not a healthy experiment at all. It was taken from the history that in that early time when medical field was not so developed and the mental patients are kept as mysteries and some were related to the ghosts and witches and bad evils so such way was adopted to make patients with mental disorder less harmful to staff and assets of hospital.

The other use is to torture yes in war and specially after word war II it was also the way to torture prisoners and was the daily activity in prison.


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